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The carbide lamp has been used for a very long time now. Historically the lamps were used primarily by miners and cavers, but they have also been used on vehicles, bicycles and even lighthouses beacons. The early cavers used carbide lamps because there was not a whole lot of lightweight electrical devices available back then like there is today. Today the antique carbide lamp is still used by many cavers and miners alike because of the great light they produce. The carbide lamp is also referred to as an acetylene gas lamp they are basically lamps that produce and burn acetylene (C2H2) which is produced by the reaction of calcium carbide (CaC2). Did you know that the first carbide lamp or miner lamp was made in New York on August 28, 1900 by a guy by the name of Fredrick Baldwin?

Today vintage carbide lamps are still very popular amongst people. Not only by cavers and miners, but also by people who collect antiques. These historic lamps make for excellent addition to your home if you are an antique collector. If you plan on buying one and you desire to light the lamp then finding calcium carbide can sometimes be a challenge. You can simply do a search online and find the calcium carbide fairly easy with all the resources available today. Be sure you know what you doing before you attempt to light the lamp as this could be dangerous.  So unless you really understand and know how to light the carbide lamp, you may want to use it for display purposes only.

There are many different types of carbide lamps to choose from for antique collectors and dealers. The most common lamp is usually the one that was used by cavers and miners. These types of lamps stand up on their end and have a good size reflector behind the bulb that projects out in front. The purpose of the reflector was to help cavers or miners see right in front of themselves without being blinded by the light. With a little creativity I am sure you will find great use for the vintage carbide lamp in your home or office. Who knows you may find after purchasing your lamp that caving may become a new hobby for you.

Now remember the other types of carbide lamps were those used on cars and bicycles. These antique lamps may also be some of the items you have amongst your collections. Unlike today’s headlights in the early days they used round carbide lamps that were located on the top of the hood. You may want to hang a set of these old carbide lamp headlights in your garage with some old vintage license plates to add some style to your garage. The bottom line is these lamps are a great antique to own no matter what you do with them.

Carbide lamps make great collectibles and as far as antiques go these are some of the oldest lamps you can find. For cavers and miners the carbide lamp was a dream come true when it comes to lighting in a dark place. Today you can still find a carbide lamp to suit all your needs just look around.

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