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ammonium carbide
Polyatomic ions and their expenses forms? What is the formula McK?

I know there are cards that have formulas like that NH4 + is ammonium, but no maps appear to have formulas for polyatomic ions ending in-ide as Carbide, phosphide, nitride, sulfide, chloride and nitrogen oxide. Where is a formula or table to determine the names ending in ion-FDI, particularly those mentioned above for high school chemistry. Also McK Wahat is the rule in chemistry?

Nitride, phosphide, etc. are not polyatomic ions. Rather, they are anions in which the atom is at its lowest oxidation state. The formulas are the nitride N (3 -) phosphide: P (3 -) oxide O (2 -) Sulfide: S (2 -) Chloride: Cl (-) (similar for the other halides: bromide, fluoride, iodide) Carbide is more complex. It is not metal enough that it rarely if ever forms purely ionic bonds (which is C (4 -)). Instead, "calcium carbide" is CaC2 and carbide "is as two carbons covalently bonded, 2 - overall load ( "acetylenic" carbide Triple Bond - and with water, CaC2 not produce acetylene).

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